Lampada 3D Deco Light Fx Marvel Avengers Captain America Shield LED Lamp 25 cm

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Captain America is the most patriotic of Marvel's superheroes, he wears the colors of the American flag and his famous shield does the same.
Just the shield is the most characteristic element of him, it is a prodigious practically indestructible disc that can be used both as a defense and offense weapon.
Like many items created by Marvel, it is a one-of-a-kind that can never be replicated, so gadgets create alternate versions that allow fans to own it.
The Captain America 3D Wall Light is a spectacular way to have an ambient light in your room and at the same time a beautiful object dedicated to the first Avenger.
There is no more distinctive element of Captain America than his shield, and by changing the material and adding a simple LED light it is possible to transform a metal disc into a beautiful ambient light.
The peculiarity of this wall light is in the pose, in fact the disc is not fixed as if it were an object on display, but seems blocked as if someone had thrown it against the wall.
Together with the light-shield you will find a decal on the side that reproduces fake cracks, in this way you will make the pose more realistic and scenographic and the wall seems really damaged by the shield.
The light is attached with screws and dowels while the LED bulb offers a soft light and makes the shield light up, so in the dark it will be even more spectacular and will attract more attention from those who enter the room.
Having a damaged wall, even if fake, may not be the best, but if the "damage" was caused by Captain America's shield it will be an honor to offer one of our walls to the service of the Avengers.
Product features:
Captain America 3D sconce shaped wall light
Model dedicated to the first Avenger
Official The Avengers product
Material: Plastic
Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 x 13cm
Attaches to the wall with screws and dowels
Internal LED light
Wall decal to simulate cracks in the wall
Box contents
1 Lamp + 1 Wall Sticker + 1 Fixing Kit

  • Character: Captain America Shield

  • Theme: Marvel Avengers

  • Kind of product: Lampada 3D Deco Light Fx LED con Timer

  • Brand: 3D Deco Light FX  - officially licensed by Marvel

  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 10 cm approximately

  • Conditions: New in carton box (Nuovo in scatola originale di cartone)

  • Power: 3xAA batteries (not inlcluded)

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Lampada 3D Deco Light Fx Marvel Avengers Captain America Shield LED Lamp 25 cm

Lampada 3D Deco Light Fx Marvel Avengers Captain America Shield LED Lamp 25 cm

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