DeLorean Mark 1 Time machine Back to future II 1/15th Diamond

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A Diamond Select Release! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, because once you reach the 88 MPH Temporal Displacement Threshold there's no turning back! Featuring the classic car featured in one of the best movies in modern history, this 1/15th scale "Back to the Future" Time Machine replica measures 14 inches long and recreates the iconic vehicle responsible for turning Doc Emmet Brown and Marty McFly's worlds upside down. With advanced light-up effects and sound clips from their first big-screen adventure, buckle your seatbelts, fire up your Flux Capacitors and discover what it really means to go "Back to the Future"!

Includes all of the following sounds:
First time travel. Car trouble. Revving up and winding down. Opening door. Rev up and peel out. Engine start-up. Return from time travel. Return from time travel to a screeching halt. Time circuit engaged. No power.
Needs 3 AA batteries (included)
Time Machine Components:
Plutonium-Powered Flux Capacitors. Time Circuits and Input Keypad. 304 Grade Brushed Stainless Steel Time Machine Body. Stainless Steel Flux Banding System. Light Alloy V6, 2.85 Liter Engine. 5 Speed Manual Transmission. 1.21 Jigowatt Electrical System.

  • Character: Delorean Time Machine

  • Theme: Back to the Future - part II

  • Kind of product: Vehicle scale 1/15 with lights and sounds

  • Brand: Diamond Select Toys - officially licensed by Universal

  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: 32 cm approximately

  • Age: 8+

  • Conditions: New packaged in a display window box, plastic may not be perfect

  • Celebrity: -

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DeLorean Mark 1 Time machine Back to future II 1/15th Diamond

DeLorean Mark 1 Time machine Back to future II 1/15th Diamond

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